Shipping Costs | Real Dutch Food

Below you will find the shipping costs that we use.
These are now extra sharp. This because we have a contract discount with PostNL can send the packages for you with the cheapest service for you. All packages that we send may weigh a maximum of 20 kg. If you order more than 20 kg, a new package will be made. This is to prevent breakage. The shipping costs are exclusive of VAT. Depending on your location, VAT will be charged. We have a processing time of 3-5 business days before your order is shipped. This way we can order everything fresh with a good date.

Always check with local customs whether you can enter everything you want to order. We are not responsible if products are removed from the packages by customs and cannot be imported!

Zone 1:
0-20 kg € 4,95
Over € 40 ex. VAT  Free shipping
Zone 2:
Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the UK
0-20 kg € 10,00
Zone 3:
 Austria, Denmark, France and Monaco
0-20 kg € 12,50
Zone 4:
Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain en Slovakia
0-20 kg € 15,99
Zone 5::
Finland, Hungary, Poland ,Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden
0-20 kg € 17,50
Zone 6:
Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania
0- 20 kg € 24,99
Zone 7:
All other European countries not mentioned above.
0- 5 kg € 29,99
5-10 kg € 36,49
10-15 kg € 44,50
15-20 kg € 55,95
Zone 8:
The rest of the world (all countries not mentioned above)
0- 5 kg € 39,99
5-10 kg € 59,95
10-15 kg € 82,50
15-20 kg € 99,99
Shipping date:
Please note that if you want to receive a package outside of Europe, the priority service will take between 7 and 20 business days to arrive at your home. This is calculated from the time that sends the package. It can always take longer due to customs operations in the destination country.