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Valle Del Sole Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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500 ml

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Extensive product information

Product description

Organic virgin coconut oil

Nutritional values  Per 100 gr

Energy In Kj / Kcal 3761/899
Proteins (Gr) 0
Carbohydrates (Gr) 0
Of which Sugars (Gr) 0
Know 99.88 gr
Of which Saturated fatty acids 93.9 gr
Capyric acid C8 8.7 gr
Capric acid C10 5.9 gr
Lauric acid C12 50.9 gr
Myristic C14 19.8 gr
Palmitic acid C16 7.2 gr
Stearic acid C18 2.4 gr
Single unsaturated: oleic acid 5.0 gr
Multiple Unsaturated: Linoleic acid 1.0 gr
Cholesterol (Mg) 0
Transvetten (Gr) 0
Fibers (Gr) 0
Salt (Gr) 0

100% organic coconut oil

Artificial additions

Without Additives

Without Preservatives

Additional information

Weight 600 g

Diet, Allergy, Organic

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