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Shipping Costs

You find here out shipping costs 
All parcels that we ship has a maximum weight from 20 kg. If  you order more than 20kg  we will start tot make a new parcel. So we try to reduce broken items. We have a processing time from 3-5 workingdays for the order so we can order send you the best date on our products.

The shipping costs are excluding tax. Depending of your location wil be charched tax over the shipping cost.

Always check with local customs if you can import anything you want to order. We are not responsible if the custom has removed products from the packages that not can be imported!

Zone 1:      
The Netherlands      
0-20 kg   € 4.95      
Above €30 exclude dicount and tax   FREE  
Zone 2:      
Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Denmark (excl.Faroe Islands and Greenland) United Kingdon, France and Monaco, 
0-20 kg   € 10,00      
Zone 3:      
Italie, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain
0-20 kg   € 15,95      
Zone 4:      
Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary and Poland  
0-20 kg   € 19,95      
Zone 5:        
Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuaniam, Bulgaria and Romania  
0-20 kg   € 29,95      
Zone 6:        
Norway and Switzerland    
0- 5 kg   €19,95      
5-10 kg   € 24,95      
10-20 kg   € 32,95      
Zone 7:        
All other European countries that not mentioned above.  
0- 5 kg   € 29,99      
5-10 kg   € 37,95      
10-20 kg   € 54,95      
Zone 8:        
Rest of the world (all countries that are not in the other groups)
0- 5 kg   € 39,99      
5-10 kg   € 59,95      
10-20 kg   € 102,95      
Shipping Duration:        
Please note that if you wish to receive a parcel outside Europe        
that it takes between 7 and 20 days with the priority service before the parcel      
is at your home.This is calculated from the time that the package has been sent by It can always take longer because of customs operations in the country of destination.  
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