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Frutesse Maestrichter fruit syrup

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450 gr

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Product information


Syrup of pears, apples and grapes with invert. Frutesse Maestrichter Fruit Syrup 450 g. Integer Frutesse caring Declaration of Principles Frutesse fruits fortifiers of Frutesse making since 1852 and natural fruit syrup full for the whole family. All products are made in accordance with the Declaration of Principles: – Only the best quality – Only natural ingredients – Enjoying fruits Also try our other Frutesse Tropical Fruit !.


Content and weight

450 Grams. Per serving (15g) unit / units.



Ingredients: Concentrated juices (pear, apple, grape), fructose-glucose syrup, gelling agent: pectin, lemon juice, 100g Frutesse Maestrichter fruit syrup is made from 230g pears, 140g apples and 40g druiven._x000D_ _x000D_ Allergen info: no allergens according to EU 14._x000D_ _x000D_ no allergens according to EU 14._x000D_ _x000D_.



  • Vegetarian

nutritional values

These values apply to the unprepared product. Per 100 grams. RDA *

* Recommended Daily Allowance
Energy 1173 kJ
Energy 276 kcal
Proteins 1 g
Carbohydrates 68 g
Which sugars 58 g
g fat
Saturated g
Dietary fiber 2.3g
Sodium 0.01g
Potassium / 460 g Potassium

Additional information

Weight 550 g

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