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Vegetables in pots are always handy to have standing in your pantry. At Real Dutch Food Buy all kinds of vegetables online.

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Showing 1–20 of 45 Result

Dutch vegetables abroad Vegetables in pots are always handy to have standing in your pantry. Need some fresh vegetables at home you can always use vegetables in jar for a healthy meal. Vegetables are available a year round. So you are not dependent on the harvest season and you can whenever you want to eat the vegetables that you love. You can use the Dutch vegetables in jar for a meal on its Dutch, with potatoes and a piece of meat. But the vegetables are of course also be used in many other dishes. At Real Dutch Food vegetables you can choose from a wide range. Red cabbage, peas with carrots, green beans, you name it. An advantage of vegetables in jar is that they have a long shelf life. So you can easily smash several species. If you are staying for a long time abroad, it is definitely worth to order some vegetables, Hak for example. The convenience of vegetables in pot The vegetables in jar are simple to prepare. You can get them warm in a saucepan on the stove. You pour the entire contents of the jar, the fruit and the moisture in the pan. Warm it then, but do not let it boil. Within minutes you are ready to eat vegetables. Would you like your vegetables to eat more quickly, or do you just hurry, you can also reheat them in the microwave. Drain the vegetables well off now and put them in a dish suitable for the microwave. They must then, depending on the power of the microwave oven, for about 30 seconds to be heated. Wednesday Hak-day The famous Dutch brand vegetables in jar is Hak. In the 60s they began to preserve fruits and vegetables in the familiar round glass jar. The idea behind this was that the customer could then see what he bought. Each pot had to also look perfect. This is to this day a great success. In several advertising campaigns Dutch vegetables are promoted. So is "Wednesday Hak-day" a familiar concept. Want abroad meal on Wednesday potgroenten? Order it online at Real Dutch Food.