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All kinds of vegetables in bag, such as sauerkraut, are available at Real Dutch Food. The vegetables in a bag you can buy anywhere in the world and have it delivered to you. It does not matter where in the world you are, you can always make time a sauerkraut stew.

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    Show all 4 Result

    Dutch sauerkraut stew Sauerkraut with bacon or sausage. Every winter you can enjoy it. The true lover of course eats this meal all year round. Even if you stay in a new country you'll want to eat these healthy meal. In the Netherlands we mainly eat sauerkraut as sauerkraut stew. The pre-packed sauerkraut is then mixed with potatoes and mashed. A piece of smoked sausage with it makes the meal complete. It's extra nice to do fried bacon pieces by sauerkraut stew. Apple pieces are also often added. In addition to these classic sauerkraut dishes you can try all kinds of new recipes. A sauerkraut casserole for example. Acid is not quite your taste? Then red cabbage perhaps the cabbage for you. With apple red cabbage is sweet and mild taste. Red cabbage goes well with beef stew. This is also a typical winter dish but with red cabbage you can make fresh summer salads and side dishes. Such a fresh salad is delicious on a hot day and good for a daily ration health. Order sauerkraut in sachets and other Dutch products Real Dutch Food is the Dutch Internet supermarket that deliveres all over the world. From abroad you can order as easy sauerkraut in sachetsand all your other necessary products. In our great range you can find all the typical Dutch products that you miss abroad. You can order everything individually but you can also benefit from volume discounts. The more you order, the cheaper it gets. In addition, we have, as in the supermarket, all kinds of deals and you can save for discounts. Even if you are abroad, you can still shop like a Dutch at Real Dutch Food.