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Canned fruit has a very long shelf life. Canned fruits are so handy to have in stock. At Real Dutch Food you can order different types of fruit preserves and delivered anywhere in the world.

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    Show all 11 Result

    Fruit preserves Because the canned fruit is hermetically sealed, namely decay is prevented. In fresh fruit most vitamins but canned fruit are a good alternative to fresh fruit as you can't easily find it or can't keep it. Please note that when the fruits in syrup, there is often added a lot of sugar. Therefore it is not so healthy, but nice course. eat canned fruit Eat canned fruit Canned fruit is delicious to eat so into pieces. It is also very nice to handle canned fruit in a dessert or cake. Fruits with ice cream example, is always a good idea. But to make you warm cherries it just something special for addingto the ice. Various types of vegetables you can handle well in a cake. Think of a cake with strawberry filling or create a natural cream pie even more delicious with fresh fruit pieces in it. You can also do several kinds of fruits together in a bowl and make a fruit cocktail. Plenty of options with canned fruit so. Buy canned fruit quickly and easily online at Real Dutch Food. We ship your order anywhere in the world.