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With dried fruit you can prepare all kinds of tasty and especially nutritious meals. Dried vegetables do you buy at Real Dutch Food course.

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    Show all 3 Result

    Dried vegetables buying abroad If you live abroad and are the Dutch vegetables for example kidney beans  available? At Real Dutch Food you can order all the typical Dutch products online. Various dried vegetables. Wherever you are in the world, we ship worldwide. So you do not miss anything from the Dutch cuisine. You can immediately buy a lot off stock because the more you order, the cheaper it gets. Pea soup with dried peas Pea soup is naturally a real Dutch classic. Often this is an ideal starter for the pancakes. If you live abroad and would you like such a Dutch meal? Then homemade pea soup is of course the very best. You need split peas to make pea soup. This husked dried peas are the main ingredient for the Dutch soup. Buy dried peas online at Real Dutch Food. After that you can get started to make a big bowl of soup. More Dutch soup with dried fruit Besides pea soup you can make another hearty soups with Dutch dried vegetables. From the brand Hak is there a various assortment of dried legumes at Real Dutch Food. Legumes are very high-protein foods and are a good basis for a healthy meal. Holland dried kidney beans are also rich in many dietary fiber. Ideal to make a hearty soup.