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Canned vegetables has often very long shelf life. Canned Vegetables are so very handy to have in stock. You can make abroad also a meal with Dutch canned vegetable canned. Real Dutch Food send canned vegetables all over the world.

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    Showing 1–20 of 36 Result

    Dutch meal with canned vegetables Potatoes, meat and vegetables. More Dutch you  can't make a meal. Although this is such a standard meal that the most might it find al little bit e boring. When you are abroad you start missing it. In the beginning, the foreign cuisine is quite interesting and you can try out new things to eat. But at some point you are starting to miss the Dutch cuisine. At such moments it is good to have some canned vegetables in your closet. Red cabbage, green beans, Brussels sprouts, peas with carrots, you can get all this canned vegetables and more, order at Real Dutch Food. Vary with canned vegetables A Dutch meal doesn't  have to consist of standard vegetables, meat and potatoes. Canned vegetables can handle many different dishes. For example, you can make a bean dish with rice. The cans of mixed vegetables are easy to process into a paste and also have to make many variations with red cabbage. For example, in a puff pastry or cake with couscous. Advantages of canned vegetables Canned vegetables have many advantages. Tin offers good opportunities for storing vegetables. Tins are at first a convenient packaging. By the shape of the cans you can pile up easily. Second, canned vegetables are kept long, just at room temperature. This makes canned vegetables ideal for storing in the pantry. At Real Dutch Food you can buy larger quantities which you receive discount. That makes canned vegetables also advantageous. Order them now!