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The difference between apple sauce and apple compote You can buy jars with apple sause or apple compote. But what is the difference between these two? In apple compote are still pieces of apple. It is not a fine puree. Children often like fine applesauce without chunks, apple compote is not as suitable for them. The taste of apple sauce and apple depends on the type of apples where the puree or compote is made of. Hard Acid goldreneit are, according to the conventional tradition to make aplle compote or sauce, but with other types of apples, it can also be made. Especially children love more of a sweet apple sauce. Making apple sauce Making apple sauce is sometimes done at home. Making apple sauce is not that difficult. Most of the work is peeling the apples. But then it goes fast. You cook the peeled apples into a small amount of water to a pulp. Here you can add to taste sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Cooking takes about 15 minutes. In between, you should occasionally stir into the pan so it does not aanbrand. Afterwards you can taste whether it tastes good, otherwise you can add extra sugar or cinnamon. Do not like chunks, you can still here the seven mush recreate the applesauce. Then you can eat it hot or cold. Just as tasty (and easy) is ready-made apple sauce from a jar, Hak example. Can not find it abroad? Order it online at Real Dutch Food. We send all over the world.

Chicken with french fries and applesauce is a known combination. Applesauce can be added as a side dish in many more ways. Do you also applesauce or mashed potatoes but you live abroad? Order it online at Real Dutch Food.

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