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Conimex products are a beloved staple of Indonesian cooking in the Netherlands. These fine products are known for their standard of quality, helping any cook put a beautiful rice table together. We know these might be difficult to get a hold of outside of the Netherlands; that’s why we are committed to shipping them the world over!
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Showing 1–20 of 118 Result

A wide range of Conimex products

With regards to our range of Conimex products, we carry a full stock of various condiments, sauces and flavorings. Why not treat yourself or international friends to the fresh sour taste of Atjar Tjampoer, the characteristic pickled vegetable side dish? Or spice up your sate or nasi with a generous helping of a variety of sambal chile pastes, such as manis or oelek. For stir-fry dishes, you really can’t go wrong with one of Conimex’ boemboe products, spiced pastes that can give extra color to any dish. And let’s not forget the cornerstone of Indonesian cuisine; ketjap sauce, to round out the taste of most any meal.

Order your oriental ingredients online

Eager to get a taste of Indonesia, anywhere in the world? Purchase your Conimex products from Real Dutch Food and we’ll get right on delivering them to your doorstep. Our online store features easy ordering, fast shipping and friendly pricing. Get your Indonesian delights today!