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Also abroad, you can enjoy Dutch dairy drinks. At Real Dutch Food you can buy several small packages of dairy produce online. We deliver the small drink packages all over the world.

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    Show all 16 Result

    Small drinking packs to take away If you want to leave one day it easy to bring your own drinks for the road. Different kinds of soda you can bring in a bottle but a hearty quick drink is sometimes good. Especially around lunchtime. For example, a picnic you  make it  complete with small packets of milk. There are all kinds of drink packets of milk available. Small packets of chocolate, drink packets Fristi or a small pack yogurt drink. For everyone there is to choose a good taste. The drink packs are available in an easy six-pack to take or dispense with it. Occasionally a small packet of milk Are you the only one in the house who drinks occasionally milk, it oftena waste to open a large carton of milk or chocolate because you do not get up before expiring date. Then small packaging of milk are handy to have in stock. The drink packs contain exactly one portion. Super useful so if you occasionally feel like a cup of milk or chocolate milk. Small packets of chocolate The Dutch are dairy lovers. There is, therefore, a wide variety of milk products available in supermarkets. Chocolate milk may of course not be missing lon the list here. In the field of cold ready-made chocolate is Chocomel "The only real one"  from FrieslandCampin. For many Dutch this creamy chocolate is a favorite Dutch drink. Abroad, you can sometimes desire here. In Belgium, it is sold under the name Cécémel. In Germany, it is also available in some places but otherwise it is difficult to buy the only real chocolate milk from the Netherlands. But that is not a problem! At Real Dutch Food Chocolate milk can be ordered in various packages. For example, small packets of chocolate or a six-pack cans of chocolate. We deliver all over the world!