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At Real Dutch Food you can get various types of butter and fats. Margarine or low fat margarine for your bread and bake and frying for supper. These are all available from various brands, from Blue Band to Croma.

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    Showing 1–20 of 41 Result

    Margarine, spreadable butter for your bread Every morning you smear butter on your bread; at breakfast and at sandwiches that take you to your work. You call it probably always 'butter'. But actually this isn't butter that you put on your bread. The butter for your bread is actually called margarine and then you also have a healthier version of margarine called "Halvarine" . Halvarine contains the half less fat than margarine. If you want to losse weight, it is wise to choose your low far magarine. Even abroad you naturally want your trusty Becel and Blue Band butter your bread so the sprinkles will not fall from your bread. Order it therefore at Real Dutch Food, we deliver all over the world! The difference between frying butter and margarine / halvarine (low fat magarine) The greatest difference of margarine and low-fat margarine and butter is that the first two contain water. As a result, the two are not suitable for baking and frying. Spreadable butter is almost always in a tub. It's much harder than magarine and you need to spreadin it with a knife. Frying butter consistt milk and is often liquid. So you can easily make a splash in the pan. Again you can choose a healthy alternative: low-fat butter is less fat. Frying with frying butter from Netherlands Frying butter in addition to the liquid form in convenient bottles also available in solid block form. For baking cake or pie, is this often more convenient then solid butter.For the best flavor by backing you use butter. You can also use frying butter for baking and frying, from vegetables to meat. Olive oil is also suitable here, but everyone has their own preference herein. This often depends on the taste. At Real Dutch Food you can buy various types of butter from various brands (Croma, Bertolli, Becel, etc.). Order online now!