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The Dutch consume the most milk in the world. Real Dutch Food is the solution if you want to buy Dutch dairy products while living somewhere outside the Netherlands. On this website you are able to buy your favourite milk products from Holland. In our dairy section you can find goods like desserts, chocolate milk, cheese spread, butter and margarine, frying and cooking oils and real Dutch cheese of course!

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    Showing 1–20 of 154 Result

    Dairy has a prominent place in the Dutch cuisine

    Aside from bread, diary is very important in the Dutch households. A glass of milk in the morning, cheese on your bread or a delicious dessert; in many families this is something they consume on a daily base. Even at lunch time, most Dutch eat bread with milk products. There are not many differences in Dutch breakfast and lunch and they are used to it. When you are moving abroad from Holland, it is likeable to continue with your eating manners. Even when your new country has cultural differences in eating habits. Real Dutch Food provides you with Dutch dairy products like desserts, milk drinks, cheese spread and appetizing butter and cheese.

    Order Dutch dairy products everywhere in the world

    The taste of milk is slightly different in every country. At Real Dutch Food, you can order the products you are used to while living in the Netherlands. Many people miss, besides milk, Dutch cheese too. Some people think that the best cheeses are from France or Switzerland, but we know the real truth. The tastiest cheese is made in Holland! The Dutch are well known for their delicious sorts of cheese and you are able to enjoy it around the globe. There is a reason for the nickname for Dutch people; ‘Kaaskoppen’, which literally means ‘cheese heads’.

    Shelf life

    All our products are tagged with a date of expiry. In Dutch this is called the THT-date. You can use these products safely after this date has expired. The quality will be worse, but consuming is still safe. Then there are products with a TGT-date, which means ‘you can use this product until this date’. You must throw away the food after this date, because it is not safe to eat anymore. However, you can extend this date by putting the food in the freezer. Alongside the dates of expiry you can find some additional information like ‘store in a dark and dry place’. Our Dutch cheese are all vacuum packed.