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Old Dutch candy is some of the most peculiar and delicious foodstuffs to come out of the Netherlands. Small wonder then that many Dutch people who go abroad admit to missing its characteristic taste. You won’t have to miss it for much longer, however! At Real Dutch Food, we are committed to shipping foodstuffs such as this characteristic old fashioned candy, anywhere in the world. Now you can have a Dutch sweet treat, no matter where you are!
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    Show all 15 Result

    We stock a wide variety of old Dutch candy

    Old fashioned Dutch candy features a wide variety of shapes, forms and tastes. How about trying some sweet candied cinnamon sticks, ‘kaneelstokken’? Maybe your palate runs more towards salty; in that case, give the licorice-flavored salmiak lozenges or even the dipping powder (‘zwart-wit’) a try! If you’d like more of a sweet, creamy touch to your old Dutch candy, choose the butter wafers or the ‘Haagse Hopjes’. No matter your preferences, we have the old Dutch candy or snacks to tickle your fancy!

    Order your sweets online

    Would you like to get your old Dutch candy shipped right to your doorstep? Not a problem! We specialize in fast and safe delivery worldwide, while keeping shipping costs down. We make sure that no matter where in the world you are, you can enjoy the variety of foodstuffs from the Netherlands. That’s the Real Dutch Food way!