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Globally, Dutch people are known for the curious black licorice they always bring with them when going abroad. Dutch children grow up with these candies and most cannot go without them. The candy has a unique taste, but has also long been used as a medicine. If you’re suffering from a sore throat, have some Dutch licorice and you will feel better soon. Are you living abroad and missing the taste of this Dutch specialty? You can easily order them now at Real Dutch Food.

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    Showing 1–20 of 107 Result

    Many kinds Dutch licorice, all available from our online store

    It is said that true Dutch people must like licorice. Being a Dutch company, we understand exactly the feeling of missing that licorice candy taste when living abroad. We offer it in a great many flavors; sweet, sour, salty, honey, salmiak and more! Beyond that, you can also choose between the hard and soft licorice varieties. We carry various famous Dutch brands: Oldtimers, Klene and Venco. No matter what your favourite licorice is, if you order from Real Dutch Food you will enjoy it soon, wherever you are. Make sure you order enough so you won’t run out right away – and to share the special taste of the Netherlands with those around you, of course! Whether they like the taste or not, having Dutch licorice is sure to be a unique experience for anyone.

    Order the licorice you like today

    They are the perfect treatment when you suffer from a sore throat, but also funny to give to your international friends. Share your licorice with international friends and family, or bite down on a piece of home. Real Dutch Food has many great delicacies from the Netherlands, which we’ll happily ship to any country in the world, safely and quickly. Now go and share our special candy with the world at large!