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If you live abroad but you still looking forward to eat Brabants or Frisian rye bread? Real Dutch Food delivered over the world all kinds of rye bread. Buy it here!

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    Rye bread is healthy Rye bread is a very nutritious bread. It provides a lot of dietary fiber and iron on. Wheat bread before the main type of bread was in the Netherlands, rye bread was part of the main meal. But every day a slice of rye bread food is not a bad idea. At some points condiments even healthier than whole wheat bread. For example, there are more fiber and less carbs. And the darker the rye bread, the more fiber. It also contains more vitamin B6 and vitamin E in condiments. Vitamin B6 is good for your digestion and resistance. Vitamin E maintains muscle and other tissues in a good condition and also ensures a good resistance. Finally, the blood sugar rises less rapidly than rye bread with whole grain bread. This is due to the many fibers that cause the carbohydrates are slowly absorbed into the blood. This allows you maintain longer a 'full' feeling. This is also good for the line. Frisian rye bread and Branabants rye bread Across the country, from south to north, there are various regional recipes for condiments. The differences in this region recipes are mainly in the manufacturing process. Rye bread is mostly cooked instead of fried. namely, the oven has a very low temperature in the "baking" of rye bread. For each recipe the duration of the firing process is different. Brabants rye bread is baked for about 2 to 4 hours and is generally lighter. Frisian rye bread, however, is much darker. The baking time of this can then also take up to 24 hours. The composition of Frisian and Brabantine rye bread is different. Brabants rye bread contains wheat flour and powdered rye and yeast or leaven is used. Frisian rye bread contains no yeast or sourdough and is made from crushed rye grains. The taste of this is something sweeter. Rye bread from the Dutch regions abroad If you live abroad but you still fancy a Dutch product? At Real Dutch Food you can buy all kinds of condiments worldwide. We deliver it all over the world!