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Rusk is nice and fluffy and therefore good for a light breakfast. Bolletje rusk is the most famous rusk brand in the Netherlands. Real Dutch Food sending it around the world to you. Order here!

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    Show all 9 Result

    Dutch rusk Rusk is a well known breakfast product in the Netherlands. It particularly fits well with a light breakfast. The round, more than a centimeter thick disc, 'dry' bread is very easy to digest. It is reminiscent of toasted bread but is not the same. Rusk is baked twice. The first time it is crumpet the oven. Thereafter, the sphere cut in half and it is baked again. A rusk tast nice and is flufy. Rusk with mice Besides rusk is breakfast product is also a festive delicacy. Rusk with mice eat the Dutch when a baby is born, it is in fact a typical Dutch habit. When the maternity visit comes isthe man often in the kitchen to lubricate the rusk. Pink and white is mice is used when a girl is born and  with blue and white mice when a boy is born. The birth must always be celebrated with a treat. A handy tip to provide the ruskts quickly and easily from mice: shake a plate or bowl full of mice, grease the rusk well with butter  and dip the buttered side in mice. So the entire area is well stocked with mice. The mice sticking successfully on the rukst. So your not sprinkle the whole kitchen below  with mice. Bolletje rusk Bolletje rusk is the best known brand biscuits. Already in the early 19th century, started the family business with a bakery. After World War II developed the third generation of the family bakery into real biscuit specialists. Since then Bolletje rusk not imagine the Dutch shops. But even if you live abroad, you can enjoy a Dutch rusk. Because at Real Dutch Food can be ordered worldwide products and delivery.