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A rice cake is a delicious light snack. Choose rice cakes with a taste for extra bite. You order them here at Real Dutch Food.

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    How are rice cakes? A rice cake is made up of puffed rice. When the rice is harvested it peeled and deveined so stones and unripe rice are separated. Thereafter, water was added to the rice grains. And then the rice is heated a little a short time in the form of the rice cake. The moisture evaporated by the heat. Due to the disappearance of the fluid paste to the puffed rice grains to each other. After cooling, you have a crispy waffle. Flavored Rice cake The wafer of puffed rice is available in many different variants. You can find them between breakfast products. A rice cake is often eaten as a light snack. For an extra bite you can also do siege. A slice of cheese for example. Another frequently heard combination rice cake with peanut butterThere are also several ready-to-eat varieties flavored. For example cheese or barbecue flavor, or with a layer of chocolate for sweet cravings. Are Rice cakes healthy? Or rice cakes are tasty, there are different opinions about it. One can not continue from there, others find it tasteless. Often they are seen as a healthy snack. But his rice cakes healthy? For breakfast product is a rice cake is not as nutritious. It contains almost no fiber. Only rice cakes at breakfast miss you so important fiber. It is therefore wise to be there to eat bread or anything else with grains and fiber. Rice cakes have a low nutritional value. If you are on the line note is therefore a good snack for in between. But the wafers flavored or chocolate coating contain more sugars course, these are therefore less healthy anyway. To increase the nutritional value what you can invest the rice cake with some fruit or vegetables, egg, hummus, a slice of chicken breast or fresh herbs. You can vary a lot. This also allows for some variety in the ordinary, dry rice cake.