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Looking for some of the delicious varieties of Dutch gingerbread, such as those with apple, nuts, raisins and spices such as cinnamon and anise? At Real Dutch Food, ordering these delights from home couldn’t be easier. Many Dutch regions have their own local recipes, of which so-called ‘Oude wijven koek’ is the most famous, baked with a sumptuous anise flavour. If you’ve never had it before, order some gingerbread and give it a try! To eat it like the Dutch do, spread your gingerbread with a thick layer of butter and enjoy it at breakfast. If you’d prefer it as a snack, it can be a perfect pick-me-up to get you through your day. Besides our full pre-sliced assortment of gingerbread, you can also order pre-packaged gingerbread strips, easy to take on the go!

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    Showing 1–20 of 25 Result

    Order the best-known Dutch gingerbread: Peijnenburg

    Peijnenburg gingerbread is by far the best known Dutch brand of gingerbread. For over 130 years, they have been the market leader in gingerbread. Started by baker Harry Peijnenburg in the Brabant village of Geldrop, the company has always embraced innovation, to stay in tune with the needs of their customers. For instance, they debuted the convenient pre-cut gingerbread that you can order from us. As the crowning acknowledgement of their skill, Peijnenburg received a Royal seal of approval on its 100th anniversary. Now that’s quality!

    Go ‘koekhappen’, anywhere in the world!

    Koekhappen is a typical Dutch game often played at children's parties or the national holiday of King's Day. In this funny Dutch game, a piece of gingerbread will be dangled above a blindfolded participant, who then must attempt to eat it. Why not introduce ‘koekhappen’ as a fun party game abroad? If you want a laugh or just a great treat, order gingerbread, various biscuits or other treats from Real Dutch Food today!