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Start your morning with a nutritious breakfast, for example, whole wheat crackers. At Real Dutch Food you can buy several healthy crispbread crackers easily online. We deliver worldwide!

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    Showing 1–20 of 37 Result

    Healthy crackers at breakfast Breakfast is important. Start in the morning with a nutritious breakfast so you come through the day with enough energy. Only bread is a little boring. Crackers provide a tasty and crunchy variety. Moreover, whole grain crispbread awfully healthy. Slightly lighter than the healthy crispbread crackers. These are also great for in between. Therefore, there are also individually wrapped crackers. These are extra easy to carry. Even if you stay abroad you can buy these crackers from Dutch soil. You do this by ordering them online at Real Dutch Food. We send all over the world. Crispbread Crispbread is delicious crispy. This is because it contains almost no water. Another advantage of this is that it is has a long shelf life. On crispbread you can use many different toppings. Savory with a slice of cheese and maybe some vegetables such as cucumber or tomatoes on top or with sweet fillings such as jam or chocolate spreadYou can make your crispbread as luxurious and as tasty as you want. Some investing tips: brie with honey, hummus with avocado, dairy spread with smoked salmon, goat cheese with dates, and so on. Is it strawberrie season? Then it is highly recommended, for example, with a layer of cream cheese. Also at lunch so you can make something good out of your healthy crackers. Whole grain crackers till sesame crunch Crispbread itself is also available in several variants. From light, with sesame, to whole grain crackers loaded with fiber. Wasa is a very well known brand. This is from Sweden. In the Netherlands delicious crispbread is produced by Bolletje . This family business has its origin in 1867 and is today still a famous brand for breakfast and lunch items and snacks. Are you abroad and do you Bolletje? Order it at Real Dutch Food.