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In the Netherlands, millions of Syrup waffles (stroopwafels) are sold every year. This delicacy consists of a thin waffle with a caramel syrup filling in between the layers of dough. Although the handmade Dutch waffles are most tasty, a package of syrup waffles is easy to import. Are you craving the Dutch waffles or do you want to surprise international friends around you? Then easily order them at Real Dutch Food. We deliver worldwide, so don’t be afraid to miss those unique Dutch waffles when you are abroad and enjoying international adventures.

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Dutch waffles: poor man’s cookies

The first Dutch syrup waffle was made in the 19th century in Gouda. It was created by a baker who had some leftovers of cookies, dough and syrup. As funny as it is, syrup waffles were at this moment therefore described as poor man’s cookies. However, people started to appreciate the special taste of the syrup waffles. Soon, more bakers started to make syrup waffles and factories started to produce them as well. Nowadays, the syrup waffle still is a Dutch delicacy and is difficult to find in other countries.

Wide assortment Dutch syrup waffles

Are you craving for Dutch syrup waffles while living abroad? We have the perfect solution! You can easily order them in our webshop. We offer a wide a wide assortment: traditional Dutch syrup waffles, but also flavoured with honey, chocolate or the Zeeland babbelaars. Besides that, we have syrup waffles of all famous brands, for example Kanjer, Bakker Joop, Pieter Bakker and Jumbo. Would you like to introduce the typical Dutch syrup waffles to the internationals around you? Then choose one of the packages filled with mini syrup waffles. Or bake your own syrup waffle cake yourself with the Koopmans package. Enjoy this unique taste together!