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Tea is drunk all over the world. Are you abroad and do you want Dutch tea? For example Pickwick, the most famous tea in the Netherlands? Order your favorite tea here at Real Dutch Food!

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    Showing 1–20 of 55 Result

    Tea is healthy

    In addition to coffee, tea is a popular drink among the Dutch. Tea fits perfectly in a healthy diet. You need to get enough fluid daily and tea can contribute well to this. Based on the disk of five, 3 cups of green or black tea are recommended per day, but without sugar or milk of course.

    History of tea in the Netherlands

    In 1610 the first shipment of tea arrived in Europe. Initially, doctors in particular saw tea as a valuable remedy for various ailments. The different types of tea leaves also aroused the interest of collectors. It took a while for the entire population to drink tea, but eventually tea was drunk in the Netherlands because people liked it. It was often drunk while people chatted with each other. Drinking tea thus became a social affair.

    Famous Dutch tea

    Pickwick is the best-known brand of Dutch tea. Since 1753 Pickwick Thee Nederland has been making the best quality tea. In India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, the climate is best for the tea plantations. That's why Pickwick gets the tastiest tea from here. In addition to the standard green tea and black tea, teas with fruit or herbal flavors are also available. You can choose a suitable taste for every season. Can't choose from the many flavors? Then the boxes with four different flavors are the solution. For example, there are different types of fruit variations in one box. Nice to choose a different flavor every day.

    Order Dutch tea

    At Real Dutch Food, wherever you are in the world, you can order real Dutch tea and have it delivered. Choose here from all flavors of Pickwick Thee Nederland or the Dutch tea from the Jumbo private label and order!