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Gingerbread, breakfast cake often called, is a typical Dutch product. If you live abroad and you awant  a nice piece of gingerbread? At Real Dutch Food  it can be ordered, for example Peijnenburg gingerbread . We send all over the world.

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Showing 1–16 of 29 Result

Gingerbread from the Netherlands Gingerbread has many variations by adding, for example, pieces of apple, nuts, raisins and spices such as cinnamon and anise. Many regions in the Netherlands have their own traditional recipe. "Oude wijven koek" is the most famous local product from the northern Netherlands. The main feature of this specialty is anise. Gingerbread is most often eaten at breakfast. There is then a thick layer of butter spread on. But, as a snack, it is also suitable. You get extra energy. Therefore, besides the great breakfast pastries, where you can cut from a piece of pre-cut gingerbread, including strips packaged. These are easy to take on the go. Peijnenburg gingerbread Peijnenburg gingerbread is the best known brand. They are already 130 years the industry leader in gingerbread. The company started by baker Harry Peijnenburg in the Brabant village Geldrop. The company has always been innovative and kept an eye for the needs of the customer. That's why they invented the pre-cut gingerbread. Later they were also the first with loosely packed takeaway bars. With this they respond to the convenience for the consumer. At the 100th anniversary Peijnenburg gingerbread received the designation Royal. Koekhappen with gingerbread Koekhappen is a game which is often played at children'spartys or at King's Day. The main component of this game is gingerbread. Blindfolded person must then try a piece of cake on a wire, hanging above the head, snapping off. Are you abroad and you want to play a funny Dutch game with these Dutch gingerbread? Or just eat a piece of gingerbread? Buy it at Real Dutch Food.