About us | Real Dutch Food

Realdutchfood.com is a company that was founded in 2006 in Tilburg and was led by 2 entrepreneurs who both come from the supermarket sector in the Netherlands. In October 2008 we moved to Udenhout due to lack of space where we worked in a 30 m² building. August 12, 2009 we moved again to a nice large building of 140 m² in Tilburg. Here we can serve all our customers even better. As of May 2012, one of the owners left Real Dutch Food and became a family business. Since 2014 we have switched to a professional packaging company that processes the oders for us so that the items are packed even better and sent to the customers.

Realdutchfood.com has a very wide range. With around 3100 items you can always make a good choice.

The majority is mainly Dutch food. In addition, we also offer non-food items such as magazines, books, CDs and poffertjes pans.

We have around 150 items in our range in stock. The majority is purchased fresh after the orders have arrived. That is why it takes an average of 2-5 business days for an order to be sent to you. However, you know for sure that everything will be sent to you with the longest possible date.

Realdutchfood.com focuses primarily on the target group of Dutch people who have established themselves across national borders. Research has shown that many “Dutchmen abroad” cannot miss the typical Dutch products. We want to meet this need.

We know how expensive it is to import Dutch products from the Netherlands. We Dutch like to watch the little ones and that is why we have selected very competitive offers for you every week. We also try to keep shipping costs as sharp as possible.

Realdutchfood.com is aimed at making you 100% happy. That is why you have the most choice with us and you can count on a personal and friendly service. Realdutchfood.com therefore uses the following five pillars:

* The internet supermarket with the largest assortment: 3100 articles

* Guaranteed competitive shipping costs.

* Secure and protect your privacy.

* Your wishes are central.

* Everything can be ordered individually