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If you are looking for a Dutch online shop to order Dutch products and food, you are in any case well at the webshop of Real Dutch Food. We have over 3200 different Dutch products in our range. In short, the ideal Dutch online shop for all your supplies and groceries from the Netherlands. Think of the delicious Calvé peanut butter, chocolate flakes from de Ruijter and Koopmans pancake mix. But also non-food products are available such as magazines, books and funny board games.

Real Dutch Food is the Dutch online shop for the people who are living abroad and simply can’t miss the Dutch products and food. Importing Dutch products is usually quite pricey, we are certainly aware of that. So you can benefit from of numerous offers, quantity discounts, temporary actions and low shipping costs. If you wish, you can subscribe to our newsletter. This keeps you constantly informed of all our deals and offers.

Why order from Real Dutch Food

If you live and work abroad, we can imagine well that you miss the Dutch products regularly. It's always nice again to eat a traditional Dutch meal or have breakfast in the morning with delicious Dutch toppings. The trouble is that these products are not usually anywhere for sale in other countries. Therefore Real Dutch Food is so great, the products you can now simply order in our Dutch online shop. We will forward it to the appropriate address so you can enjoy all the delights of Holland there.

Products easy to order in our Dutch online shop

If you order a product in our Dutch online shop, we will send it to you as soon as possible. We make sure of course that the orders are packed as tight and careful as possible. The payment in our shop is very easy and reliable. You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and an international transfer. All products can be ordered separately so you do not have to buy products in bulk packaging or per dozen.

Would it happen that a desired product isn’t available by our Dutch online shop, then please let us know. We can then see if we can stock the product in a short period of time. We deliver to almost every country in the world, so wherever you live or are employed, Dutch products can anywhere be ordered easily in our Dutch online shop.

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