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Dutch expat shop

Real Dutch Food is a Dutch expat shop for people who are living and working abroad and want to order typical Dutch food.  Most of our customers are Dutch expats who are for a period of time working in another country. So are you an expat living in New York, Hong Kong, London or elsewhere in the world and are you craving for some nice syrup waffles or other typical Dutch snacks? Then you should definitely take a visit to our web shop, where you can easily order Dutch products online.

As an expat living in a unfamiliar country where the culture is probably different from what you are used to. They have there  such as different eating habits and social norms. We know it’s difficult to adjust to this new culture and that’s exactly why we want to make it slightly more bearable for you. We offer you the best Dutch products that you can order from every corner of the world.

Wide range of Dutch products

Abroad it’s often hard to find a supermarket that sells Dutch food and when they do there is a high price tag on the products and they usually only have a small assortment. Luckily you can choose among a wide range of Dutch products at Real Dutch Food, we sell a lot of different brands.

At Real Dutch Food you can buy your favorite Dutch food online for low prices. Furthermore, if you order larger quantities of products, you take advantage of quantity discounts. Also every month there are all kinds of promotions and discounts, so keep an close eye on our specials.

Easily order typical Dutch food in our Dutch expat shop

Did you ever saw a foreigner eating Dutch chocolate sprinkles? Or what about our Dutch snacks such as Duyvis cocktail nuts or Lays chips? Probably not, that’s why it’s hard to find this delicacy in foreign supermarkets. Put your desired products in the shopping cart and you are ready to place the order! The payment is completely safe, you can choose to make the transaction by using iDeal or international bank transfer.