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Dutch snacks

If you live and work abroad and you really can not live without the Dutch snacks, then Real Dutch food is the solution for you problem. All of your favorite Dutch snacks, can be ordered online at our webshop. The range of Dutch snacks is very extensive and deep, we have more than 150 kinds of snacks. You can dream up any kind but you can just order online. How about AH chocolate peanuts, Duyvis cocktail nuts, dips, Lays chips and Haust snack cups. All these Dutch snacks are hardly available in foreign supermarkets. So if you really can not do without, order your favorite Dutch snacks and other typical Dutch products in our online supermarket.

Real Dutch Food focuses mainly on Dutch people who live and work abroad. In the Netherlands are several products for sale in supermarkets which are very difficult to obtain in foreign countries. Like the Dutch snacks, all known snacks, nuts and chips are usually not available in foreign supermarkets. Order the Dutch snacks therefore at Real Dutch Food, especially for those who can not miss the Dutch treats. Whatever you ordered in our webshop, we do the shopping for you, pack the groceries for you and send the package to your desired location.

How to order Dutch snacks?

Very easy, at our online store, you can select your desired chips, nuts or crackers and add them to the shopping cart. At Real Dutch Food is possible to order the snacks a piece, you are never required to purchase a large multipack. When the desired products are in your shopping cart you can place the order. Paying through our online store is completely safe and goes via iDeal and (international) bank transfer. If the payment is successful, we get started with your order. We pack the groceries and Dutch snacks solidly for you and send it on to your address abroad.

Take advantage of our numerous benefits

Besides the ease of use, you can also benefit from various advantages at Real Dutch Food. You can think of the benefit packages and volume discounts. But we also have regular deals and offers where you can pick your advantage. If you want to get an instant discount on the Dutch groceries and snacks, please sign up for our newsletter. Immediately you will receive 5% discount on all future orders and with every order you will receive loyalty points. You can save again for attractive discounts with these loyalty points.

In short, if you want to get Dutch snacks in your home, you can shop at Real Dutch Food. You can take advantage of all our discounts and above all a worldwide shipping.