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Dutch groceries online

Are you looking for a shop to order your favorite Dutch groceries online? Then it is definitely worth taking a look at the Real Dutch Food webshop. On our online shop you can find over 3200 different Dutch products and groceries. Ideal for when you live abroad and terribly miss the Dutch products. Using the Real Dutch Food webshop you’ll easily order fruit sprinkles, jams, mini pancakes, dutch licorice and biscuits. But also for Dutch groceries, magazines, books, party favors and games you’ve came to the right place. Real Dutch Food focuses on people who are living and working abroad, but most miss the Dutch delicacies and products. It is quite expensive to import products from the Netherlands to another country. And you should also have someone who does the shopping for you, packaging and sent the package to the desired address. All quite difficult, but Real Dutch Food is the solution that you’re looking for. Because of the high cost, you can benefit of all discounts, deals and low shipping. Dutch people are very economical, and we keep that in mind.

Get your Dutch groceries at home easily

Haven’t you eaten sprinkles, fruit sprinkles, biscuits and other Dutch treats for a long time because you live abroad? No problem at Real Dutch Food. By our webshop, you can easily order your preferred Dutch groceries online. Once you have placed your order, we’ll pack the Dutch groceries for you and send the package through to your desired address. We can send the packages with Dutch groceries to almost every country in the world. Anywhere in the world, you can be enjoying your favorite delicious Dutch treats.

How does Real Dutch Food work?

What you probably should do first is subscribe yourself to the newsletter. Because then you will benefit directly of a 5% discount on all future orders. That’s a nice bonus in each case. After that you can select your desired Dutch groceries and order them. Then you can completely pay safe and reliable in our webshop. You can pay by iDeal, Credit Card, Bank transfer or by international bank transfer. Once paid? Then we pack the order carefully and securely for you and send the package to your desired address. You should also reckon with the long delivery times to distant destinations because of border controls etc. So again soon you can enjoy the smoked sausages, bread with chocolate sprinkles, unox chicken soup or Dutch licorice. Thanks to Real Dutch Food, the place to order your Dutch groceries online quickly and easily!