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Dutch Food

If you are looking for a shop with Dutch food and groceries, you’ll be at the right place at Real Dutch Food. We have access to a range of over 3200 Dutch products. From Calvé peanut butter to Koopmans mix for pancakes and from Brinta to old Dutch candy. The range is deep, which means that we have many Dutch products for each grocery category. We also have a wide selection of non-food products including games, magazines, books and party supplies.

It is not always easy when you live abroad for work, at the supermarkets nearby are hardly any Dutch food products to get. While it is actually still fine to eat pancakes once or lubricate Dutch sandwich fillings on your bread. For all Dutch people abroad who can’t live without the Dutch products, Real Dutch Food is an excellent solution.

Discounts and cheap order at Real Dutch Food

Real Dutch Food is happy to cater to your needs, nobody likes to pay too much for essential Dutch groceries. Therefore, you will benefit from all kinds of promotions and discounts at Real Dutch Food. Think of volume discounts, weekly actions and points savings. We will certainly make sure that you do not pay too much, importing Dutch products abroad is expensive enough after all. Also, if you subscribe to our newsletter you can immediately benefit from a discount of 5%.

Buy Dutch Food products abroad

Apart from the fact that you can order the Dutch products per piece. The payment in our online store is completely safe and can be done by iDeal, Credit Card, Bank transfer or International transfer. When the order is complete we will pack it for you and send it on to the desired address in any country. If it happens that an item is broken or missing, please let us know so we can pay the amount on your account back again as soon as possible. The intention is that a photograph is sent so we can check at a damaged product.