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Dutch food store

Have you been looking for some time for a Dutch food store where you can order all your favorite Dutch groceries? Then Real Dutch Food is definitely worth a visit. Because we have a wide range of Dutch products and food. We even have more than 3200 different products in our assortment. Think for example of our vegetables in a jar from Hak, Koopmans baking products, Dutch licorice and other sweets. All these products are easy to order at our Dutch food store online. But that’s not all, also for magazines, books, party goods and other miscellaneous products you are good at Real Dutch Food.

If you live abroad because of your work or you simply have a long vacation. It is often difficult to get or buy Dutch products and groceries. These are usually not sold in local supermarkets, while it is still nice to eat real Dutch meals occasionally. It’s also fun for your foreign colleagues to get acquainted with the Dutch products, they really don’t know not what they taste. But to get these Dutch products in possession, you can use the Dutch food store online of Real Dutch Food. Wherever you live or work, we can just send your order to almost every country in the world.

Why should you choose for Real Dutch Food?

That is a question which we would like to reply. At Real Dutch Food you can directly benefit from ultimate ease of use. You can simply place your order anywhere on this earth and we will send the package to you. You don’t need to ask for a favor by friends or relatives. We will do the groceries for you, pack it firmly and carefully and send the package to almost any location worldwide. The online paying happens completely safe and easy and within weeks the package from the dutch food store will be delivered to you. Did you know that all of you can benefit from volume discounts, customer discounts and other interesting offers?

More benefits in our Dutch food store online

When you sign up or subscribe to our newsletter, you immediately can use a 5% discount. Additionally, you receive the regular newsletter with various attractive offers, even there you can take advantage of again. Namely, we know very well that the Dutch are economical and we’d like to use that fact. We also like to inform you about the weight of the potential order or package. The advantage is that you can instantly see that you can order further products and paying exactly the same shipping costs.

Soon you can enjoy all Dutch delicacies again, how about that delicious sweets, spreads, unox smoked sausages and tasty delicious waffels. All these delights are available in the Dutch food store of Real Dutch Food.