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Order Dutch food in London

Do you live in London and are you looking for a webshop where you can order your favorite Dutch food products? Then you’re lucky that you found out about Real Dutch Food. Real Dutch Food is an online store for all your favourite Dutch groceries. All our products are shipped worldwide, thus also to London. We have a wide range of over 3200 products, but also well−known brands (like Unox) can be found in our product assortment. You can choose wether you want to order Dutch food from top brands or cheaper brands if you want to save some extra money. We have something for everybody and you can easily get your favorite Dutch food products delivered in London.

Do you miss the typical Dutch groceries?

Real Dutch Food mainly focuses on people who are living and working abroad, including London of course. For these people, it is difficult to order or buy the most favorite Dutch products. For example, think about the Lotus jews biscuits, De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles, Calvé peanut butter and Peijnenburg gingerbread. So if you can not live without your favorite Dutch supermarket products, you should order your Dutch food products at the online store of Real Dutch Food. We will do the shopping for you, pack it in firmly and send it to your address in London.

Reasons to buy Dutch food products in London

Not only do we do the shopping for you. You also don’t need to aks your friends or family to buy the Dutch groceries and send them to London. But you can also take advantage of many other benefits. This allows you to start immediately register yourself for our newsletter. Then you get will get all information about discount on all your future orders. But you can also make use of our volume discount, regular offers and other promotions. All orders we can ship worldwide. So if you live in the USASydney or London, you will have your favorite Dutch food products quickly at home.

How does it work

Quite easy, in our online store you can order your favorite Dutch food and products. We will carefully pack it for you (in a sturdy packaging, of course) and send it to the desired address in London. We need a few days to complete your order and then we’ll hand it over to the relevant delivery service. Within a few days or weeks (depending on the delivery service), you can receive your order with your desired Dutch products. Shipping fees start at €10.00 for 20 kg.